Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff's Department:

  • Dispatches police, fire, and EMS services
  • Handles the serving of civil papers
  • Handles the application and approval of CCW (Concealed carry weapons) permits
  • Issues permits for CCW
  • Oversees inmate care/services
  • Assists outside law enforcement agencies
  • Is the location of Holt County 911
  • Is the location of the Holt County Jail
  • Handles the registry of sex offenders for the county

*For questions regarding CCW permits, please contact Lydia Dearmont at the Holt County Sheriff's Office.

*For questions regarding sex offender registry, please contact Lydia Dearmont or Cassidy Martin at the Holt County Sheriff's Office.

For emergencies please dial 911

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Holt County Dispatches for all police, fire, and EMS services in the county.

Fire Departments:


Local Police Departments:

Outside Agencies:


For emergencies dial 911

Hours: 24 hours a day

Monday thru Sunday

107 S Main St

P.O. Box 229

Oregon, MO 64473

Phone: 660-446-3300 

Fax: 660-446-2020

David McClain



 Lydia Dearmont

 Office Manager


Cassidy Martin

Dispatch Supervisor


Richard Luzier

Chief Deputy Sheriff

Chase Howell

Deputy Sheriff

Steve Portman

Deputy Sheriff

Colin Staples

Deputy Sheriff

Larry Helfers


Grant Gillette

Reserve Deputy

Joe Martin

Reserve Deputy

Ryley Williams

Reserve Deputy

Ken Jones

Reserve Deputy

Devin Sons

Reserve Deputy

Darren White

Reserve Deputy

Ron Fisher

Special Investigator

Hailea Miller 


Tiffany French


Michelle Wisneski


Brooke Pittsenbarger


Micahla Wisneski