Road and Bridge Department


The Road and Bridge Department: 

The commissioners oversee the daily activities of the Road & Bridge Department. The main service provided by the Road & Bridge Department is maintaining and ensuring the safety of Holt County roads and bridges.

Another function of this department is communicating with other agencies at times to make sure Holt County is operating at a modern and safety conscious level.

 For example, the commissioners along with the supervisor, are currently working on the BRO-35 project. This project entails getting federal funding to build a more modern bridge. This BRO-35 bridge is located on Holt 290, west of Forest City, and is expected to be started early 2021.

For questions regarding the Road & Bridge Department, please contact:

-Brian Knapp

Road & Bridge Supervisor



-Laura Kennish 



 -Tom Bullock

Presiding Commissioner


 -Richard Meyer

1st District Commissioner


 -David Carroll

2nd District Commissioner 


Holt County Commissioners congradulate Daryl Biermann on his future retirment starting on April 22, 2022. 


Hours: 7:00am to 3:30pm

Monday thru Friday


102 W Nodaway St

P.O. Box 437

Oregon, MO 64473

Phone: 660-446-3303

Fax: 660-446-3353

Maitland Barn

222 South 2nd St

Maitland, MO 

Mound City Barn

213 West 3rd St

Mound City, MO

Oregon Barn

800 East Linden St

Oregon, MO

Laura Kennish

Administrative Supervisor


Brian Knapp

Road and Bridge Supervisor