Public Administrator


The Public Administrator: 

 The Public Administrator serves as court appointed guardian/conservator or personal representative for those who have need of these services. A petition for a guardian/conservator to be appointed for a person with provision of reasons and evidence of why it would be in the best interest for a guardian/conservator to be involved, must first be filed, then heard in a circuit court setting, with a judge ruling that a guardian/conservator is indeed needed to assist the person in making decisions, handle finances, and take care of the individual's assets. 

The Public Administrator will once appointed, manage private property that has no suitable care person, property of orphaned children with no guardian, property of individuals who die without family or will, or those declared incompetent. 

The Public Administrator's office is responsible for decisions regarding placement, medical consents, educational/habilitation plans, finances and the general health and safety of each person, or ward, whose care is entrusted to this office by the Probate Court. 

The Public Administrator's duties are to care for those individuals that, unfortunately, no one else is available or willing. Actions are reviewed by Associate Courts and their judges, but there are state laws, federal laws, and agencies that aid in the welfare of clients.




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Velvet Sommer
Public Administrator