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Web GIS Mapping

Enhanced Web GIS Subscriptions

$30 per month OR $300 per year

The enhanced Web GIS site is designed to benefit real estate professionals such as appraisers, abstractors, surveyors, real estate agents/brokers, bankers, attorneys, insurance agents, developers, contractors, real estate services, and anyone else who deals with real estate matters as part of their everyday corporate mission or job description.

If you or your company would like to subscribe, arrangements will need to be made through the Holt County Assessor’s office. 

Plat Books and Maps

Plat books and maps may be purchased through the Holt County Clerks office.

Plat books and maps can be purchased for $30.00 a piece. If you would like a plat book or map mailed to you there is an extra $3.50 charge for shipping.

To have a plat book or map mailed to you please contact the Holt County Clerk's office, you must include the name and address of where the map will be shipped to.

9-1-1 Addressing

For changes or questions regarding 9-1-1 addresses, please contact the Holt County Clerk's office.