County Clerk


The County Clerk: 

  • Serves as the County Budget and Financial Office
  • Handles county insurance, and employee benefits
  • Is responsible for payroll, and personnel records
  • Conducts all elections held in the county
  • Is a custodian of county contracts and County Commission minutes 
  • Receives and files bids and notices
  • Swears in notaries and certifies to the State
  • Schedules Board of Equalization appointments, and keeps minutes and decisions of the board.
  • Issues county liquor and auctioneer licenses
  • Certifies values and rates of all political subdivisions
  • Certifies apportionment of revenue for railroad and utility companies
  • Certifies local real estate and personal revenues chargeable to the collector

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Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Monday thru Friday

102 W Nodaway St

P.O. Box 437

Oregon MO 64473

Phone: 660-446-3303

Fax: 660-446-3353

Alice Derr
County Clerk

Carol Buckles

Deputy Clerk


Bryan Nowling

Deputy Clerk