The Assessor: 

The job of the Assessor is to place a value on all taxable real and personal property, within the county as of January 1, which is the assessment date set by statute. Each of the 115 County Assessor's offices, in the state of Missouri, is overseen and regulated by The Missouri State Tax Commission. Visits by Technical assistants, and annual ratio studies on all three (Commercial, Residential, and Agricultural) classes of property, aid the state tax commission in ensuring the Assessor's compliance with the state requirements.

Please note it is the taxpayers responsibility to notify the Assessors Office when moving into or out of the county so they can be added or deleted from assessment roles.

Personal Property Assessment Lists are mailed out the first week of January. Return the completed list to this office by March 1 with no penalty. Assessment Lists received after March 1 are subject to a penalty from $15 - $105 based on the total assessed valuation. It is the tax payer's responsibility to notify this office of address and/or name changes. It is also the tax payer's responsibility to notify this office if you do not receive an Assessment List.

If a tax wavier (nonassessment) is needed call or stop by the Assessor's Office. 

Tax Values

Real Estate:

  • Residential at 19% of market value

  • Agricultural at 12% of market value

  • Commercial at 32% of market value

 Personal Property:

  • Almost everything is valued at 33.33% of market value
  • Grain at .5% of market value
  • Permenant plates of vehicles and trailers are also to be listed on assessment sheet



Hours: 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Monday thru Friday

102 W. Nodway St

P.O. Box 366

Oregon, MO 64473

Phone: 660-446-3329

Fax: 660-446-3092

LaDonna Jones



Karma Buck 

Deputy Assessor

Rachel Heits

Deputy Assessor

Bev Meyer

Deputy Assessor

Property Reassessment and Taxation
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